Papermaking Retention Agent

2020-11-16 15:09:48 rtchem 10

Paper Retention Aid

In papermaking production, there is an additive is indispensable, irreplaceable, has a wonderful effect! It is PAM polyacrylamide, the use of cationic polyacrylamide in the paper industry.

Cationic amide as retention aid in wet end of paper machine has the characteristics of less dosage and remarkable effect when used as retention aid. It can also be used in acid sizing and neutral sizing paper making system. Cationic PAM can obviously improve the retention aid of fillers and fine materials in paper making process by means of bridging flocculation, accelerate the drainage of paper material in the net of paper machine, and add cationization in the particle system. Sub-pam can form large flocs and improve the forming and quality of paper.