Dispersing Agent for Paper Making

2020-11-16 15:14:27 rtchem 19

Introduction of paper dispersants:

In the process of paper making, the paper fibers and fillers in pulp are hydrophobic, flocculating and agglomerating. It is often difficult to produce paper with uniform performance and high strength. It is necessary to add an additive to increase the viscosity of pulp in order to facilitate the uniform dispersion of fibers and fillers, to make the paper evenly smooth and flexible without holes, to make the paper stable, not easy to break and powder when making paper, at the same time, to improve the tensile force and dry-wet strength of paper products and save pulp. The additive is called paper dispersant.

There are many kinds of paper dispersants. There are mainly PAM, starch modification and so on. And it should have the characteristics of pyrolysis and fast decrease of viscosity with the increase of temperature, so as to ensure that the properties of the original fibers in the drying paper are not affected.

Anionic polyacrylamide is a water-soluble organic macromolecule polymer. It is easy to dissolve in water and form high viscosity liquid. It can promote good dispersion of papermaking fibers and excellent paper forming effect at low dosage, improve the uniformity of pulp and the softness of paper, and also increase the strength and properties of paper. In papermaking, the dispersing agent has the advantages of high dispersing efficiency, stable coating viscosity, less foam, no poison and no corrosion. It can improve the solid content of the coating, and has good fluidity and scrubbing resistance. It can keep the gloss of paper and keep it mouldy. Paper dispersant can also improve the speed of papermaking, save beating time and reduce energy consumption, with significant economic benefits. The molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide is more than 15 million. The solubility of the product is generally less than 1 hour. The aqueous solution of the product has good filtration performance. It is used for various toilet paper, napkin and white napkin. It is also widely used in the manufacture of cultural paper, light paper and newsprint.

Performance characteristics of paper dispersant:

Paper dispersant is a water-oil amphoteric and low viscosity dispersant, which can effectively solve the problem of particle floating, the formation of hole after coating, and improve the smoothness of paper. It also promotes the good dispersion of papermaking fibers, improves the uniformity of pulp, and improves the forming effect, softness and strength of paper.

Scope of application of paper dispersant:

Paper dispersant is widely used in handkerchief paper, tissue paper and other high-grade living paper and special paper, filter paper, white board paper and other high-grade industrial paper production.

Method of using paper dispersant:

The concentration of paper dispersant is suggested to be controlled at 0.5 -1, and the dosage can not be adjusted too much.