Paper Reinforcing Agent

2020-11-16 15:22:20 rtchem 6

Paper reinforcer

Cationic amide is used as paper reinforcer. Hydroxyl groups of amide-based fibers of cationic amide form hydrogen bonds between fibers to enhance the bonding force between fibers, so as to increase the strength of paper. Cationic PAM can also be used as a wet strength agent to increase the wet strength of paper to resist the damage of water to paper.

Anionic amide PAM is a commonly used paper-making additive in paper mills. Anionic PAM with high molecular weight is used as flocculant to flocculate wastewater from paper mills. It is also used as suspension agent and lubricant in paper with long fibre pulp to increase the consistency of pulp water and play the role of water-soluble lubricant, so that fibers are not tangled together and flocculation between fibers is improved. It improves the interweaving ability of the fibers, enhances the suspension of the fibers in the medium, and prolongs the settling time.

Low molecular weight anionic polyacrylamide is used as dispersant, which can slow down the flocculation and sedimentation of fibers, make the fibers evenly distributed in water, and greatly improve the uniformity of surfing slurry, so that thin and high-quality paper can be produced with lower beating degree and longer fibers.