Anionic Garbage Capture Agent

2020-11-16 16:37:06 rtchem 12

With the rapid development of papermaking industry, especially raw material structure adjustment, such as the large use of high yield pulp with high lignin and hemicellulose content and deinked waste pulp, the reuse of coated paper, the improvement of white water closed circulation degree of papermaking machine and the application of various paper-making additives, the wet end of papermaking machine is disturbed. The concentration and concentration of anionic impurities are getting higher and higher, resulting in frequent paper breakage, paper defects, shorter continuous operation time and lower production. The addition of more papermaking chemicals complicates the anionic interference substances in wet end. Especially with the conversion of papermaking system to neutral-alkaline system and the acceleration of paper machine speed, the anionic garbage problem in wet end chemistry of papermaking becomes more prominent. Anionic garbage refers to all dissolved anionic polymers and colloidal anionic substances existing in the wet end of the paper machine. At present, the most effective way to reduce the influence of anionic garbage in papermaking system is to pretreat the pulp with anionic garbage trap (fixing agent).