The difference between import and domestic polyacrylamide

2020-10-05 10:02:21 rtchem 1

The difference between import and domestic polyacrylamide 

China has imported polyacrylamide, a water-treated polymer flocculant, from abroad many years ago. After years of development in China, both the production process and product quality have been greatly improved. However, there will still be many customers who will ask whether the quality of polyacrylamide in China can reach the international level. Can you adapt to the water quality of multiple waters? Can you use it with confidence? Is the quality of imported polyacrylamide good? Or is the quality of our own polyacrylamide good?

Advantages of abroad polyacrylamide:

First, the advantages of technical equipment. It is undeniable that due to the early development of foreign industrialization, the technology and equipment are relatively advanced, and the quality of the products produced is relatively stable. Especially in high-ionic cationic polyacrylamide products, imported products are superior to domestic products.

Second, standardized production mode. In some developed countries such as Western Europe, the standardized production mode enables the production of products and technical indicators to meet the corresponding requirements. It is convenient for customers to use it.

Advantages of domestic polyacrylamide:

First, China's polyacrylamide production is relatively late, but since the reform and opening up, China has introduced a large number of advanced equipment and technology, making the scale and quality of polyacrylamide production develop rapidly. Domestic polyacrylamide production enterprises can better study the sewage situation in China. After unremitting efforts such as research and development and production, the production technology and product quality of anionic, nonionic and weak cations are comparable to those of imports.

Second, the price advantage. Imported products are subject to high prices due to customs duties and transportation costs. Our own polyacrylamide is relatively cheaper.