Polyacrylamide toxicity

2020-10-05 10:02:53 rtchem 5

Polyacrylamide toxicity


PAM itself is not toxic, and only when the injection amount is more

than 5000P, the absorption of nutrients by the animal's gastrointestinal mucosa is detrimental. The residual monomer acrylamide (AM) in PAM is toxic. For products used in oil fields and municipal wastewater treatment, residual monomers are generally allowed to be around 1%. For food, such as sucrose in drinking water, making paper that may come into contact with food, etc., The

residual monomer content must be strictly controlled, generally below 0.05%. Cationic polyacrylamide has been tested and proven to be safe in normal use.

Our country stipulates that acrylamide is used in foods with a residual monomer content of less than 0.05%. Our company's products are tested at 0.02% according to national standards, and this has reached the international advanced level.