Polyacrylamide used in Textile industry and its effect

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Polyacrylamide used in Textile industry and its effect


When said to textiles, we are familiar and even more inseparable. And I think that most person know little that what’s function of polyacrylamide in the textile industry.There are many textile industry enterprises in China. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of 2013year, the number of enterprises has reached 20,776. What a huge number. Now in 2017year, the pollution of the environment has been very serious since the past three years. As a company in the new century, it is imperative to develop green environmental products. In the textile industry, green textiles represent environmental protection and health. Polyacrylamide as an indispensable industrial additive in the environmental protection industry, it also plays a very broad role in the textile industry.


We as polyacrylamide manufacturer will explain to you what roles it plays in textile industry below.

Puyang Rongtai Chemical CO.,Ltd. Produce many kinds of types of polyacrylamide.It has many functions in textile industry.We talk among two points that used in textile technics and wastewater treatment.

1. Polyacrylamide has a textile sizing, uniform dyeing, textile auxiliaries and a stabilizing effect in the textile process, and an anionic polyacrylamide product is generally used.


Textile sizing: can improve the smoothness, fineness and softness of the fabric;

Improve the stability effect: greatly reduce the yarn breakage rate;

Textile Auxiliary: It has a flame retardant effect and can prevent static electricity.

2.The function of Polyacrylamide used in wastewater treatment, generally that we mentioned Physical and chemical process and Biochemical process.

Physical and chemical process:generally option anionic or nonionic polyacrylamide.

Biochemical process:generally option nonionic or cationic polyacrylamide.

Of course,it has some other functions,we dont mention there one by one.The development of textile industry,it can stable development based on technology.By techonology,develop from advanced environmental direction to bring better textile products.From the large quantity in domestic market,we need to spread more industrial technology.