How to distinguish the type of polyacrylamide?

2020-10-12 11:39:08 rtchem 2

How to distinguish the type of polyacrylamide?


1. Judging from the dissolution time

 The time for complete dissolution of different types of polyacrylamide in water is also different, anionic polyacrylamide <nonionic polyacrylamide <cationic polyacrylamide. The dissolution time of the anions is approximately within 30 minutes, the dissolution time of the nonionic is approximately 40 minutes, and the dissolution time of the cations is generally about 60 minutes. Therefore, the type of polyacrylamide can be roughly distinguished from the time of dissolution.

2. Judging from Test the pH value.

By testing the pH of the polyacrylamide aqueous solution, the polyacrylic acid can be identified by this method because of the different pH of different types of polyacrylamide. However, due to the production process of different manufacturers, there will be slight deviations, and the pH can be determined by the production process to judge.

3. Mixed addition method.

It is clear that the contact with polyacrylamide is common. The anionic and cationic cannot be mixed. The mixed addition will have a reaction effect. The positive and negative charges will form a cotton-like substance, and the liquid will become cloudy without Clear. Therefore, this method can also be used for judgment. If it is determined, the manufacturer can make a clear test result.

4. Judging by sewage test.

Through the adaptability of different polyacrylamides in sewage, the classification of the polyacrylamide can be clearly determined. Generally, ionic polyacrylamide is suitable for a relatively high concentration, positively charged suspension, and the pH is medium or alkali. Cationic polyacrylamides are suitable for negatively charged suspensions. Nonionic polyacrylamide is suitable for suspension in organic and inorganic mixed state, pH is medium or acid.

Through the above four simple small methods, you can quickly judge whether you are using ionic polyacrylamide or cationic polyacrylamide. Puyang Rongtai Chemical CO.,Ltd.also hopes that more customers can share their own unique judgment methods, for more friends to solve their confusion.