Sanya rural sewage treatment project is expected to be completed in 2020

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Sanya rural sewage treatment project is expected to be completed in 2020


According to reports, the EPC+O project of the Sanya Rural Wastewater Treatment Project includes 241 natural villages under the jurisdiction of Sanya City, serving a population of 140,000 and an operation and maintenance period of 15 years. The tail water is encouraged to be used for resource utilization in agroforestry irrigation, on-site returning, and land acquisition.

Sanya will continue to carry out the work of domestic sewage treatment in more than 100 natural villages. By 2020, it will basically complete the work of rural domestic sewage treatment in Sanya. The main priority is to carry out rural domestic sewage treatment around the major rivers and reservoirs in Sanya, beautiful villages and poverty alleviation villages.

The project will be unified planning, unified construction, and unified operation; in accordance with the principle of combining local conditions, centralized treatment and decentralized treatment, the three governance methods of “by-city takeover, near-joint construction, and independent construction and completion” will be adopted. The “surrounding of the city” is the service scope of the urban sewage treatment plant. It is preferred to incorporate the village domestic sewage into the urban sewage collection pipe network for unified treatment. For villages that cannot be managed, the new sewage facilities will be built by means of “nearly joint construction, independent construction and completion” – large amount of sewage, easy to collect, and construction of household pipe network and sewage collection pipe network, with farmers’ septic tanks as For the pre-treatment facilities, the terminals are treated by centralized sewage treatment facilities; if the residences are relatively scattered and difficult to collect uniformly, the dewatering sewage treatment facilities are connected to the outlets of the farmer's septic tanks for treatment.

The relevant person in charge of the Sanya Municipal Water Affairs Bureau said that through the measures such as the collection and treatment of rural domestic sewage and the discharge of standards, it is conducive to improving the rural ecological environment and rural tourism, and improving the quality of life of rural residents.

(Hainan Daily ;China Wastewater Treatment Engineering Network)